Non Solo Triangoli Gialli

Colori nei campiIl 27 gennaio abbiamo osservato il giorno della memoria.

Il 27 Gennaio del 1945 il campo di sterminio di Auschwitz-Birkenau fu “liberato” dall’avanzante Armata Rossa, anche se credo che l’inferno non possa mai essere liberato.

Nell’anus mundi creato dalla follia nazista, non perirono solo i sei milioni di ebrei, ma anche uomini e donne che indossavano triangoli di diverso colore.

Viola. Testimoni di Geova.

Blu. Emigranti.

Rosa. Omosessuali.

Nero. Pacifisti. Disabili. Lesbiche. Anarchici. Prostitute.

Marrone. Zingari Roma.

A tutti loro va il ricordo potente come quello dei triangoli gialli.



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14 responses to “Non Solo Triangoli Gialli

  1. Grazie per ricordare. Ho sempre triste quando sento che le giovani generazioni non conoscere la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Soprattutto sulle battaglie nel Pacifico meridionale. Ci sono stati campi di concentramento anche lì …

  2. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my post – is there a way of translating your posts? Shamefully I have no Italian.

  3. Thank you for reminding us of the others, whose persecution was as evil as that of the Jews, but who are often overlooked. Apologies – I don’t know how to say that in Italian.

  4. Ciao. Meno male che qualcuno si ricorda anche delle altre vittime dello stermini, spesso dimenticate. Grazie per seguire PASSOININDIA.

  5. Thank you for following my blog. Although I don’t speak or read Italian I understand the gist of Non Solo Triangoli Gialli. You should read my recent review of “The Messenger” on my blog. It is a biography of Jan Karski.

    I particularly like that your blog has a wolf on it as they are beautiful and alert animals. Not understanding Italian does Attenti al Lupo translate to Beware the Wolf, which would be a different message for a preservationist. I noticed that Attenti al Lupo is a song by Dudu. Is this the basis for the naming of your blog? Its message translated is also “attentive to the wolf” which is also a fearful message, although it ends “living together”.

    • I will read it, thank you!
      The wolf had a very “bad” reputation in popular legends and literature. He was innocent but people describe him like the incarnation of evil. I try to speak for who is unjustly accused, simply that.
      I am an architectural preservation….

      • Is the correct English translation of the title of your blog “Beware the Wolf”? I love wolves, but it is a matter of perspective about innocence. Like other animals they hunt for food and in packs are fearsome predators. Herders of animals whose territory intersects with the wolf, don’t find them to be innocent even though it is part of life. Sorry I misconstrued what you preserve (also a worthwhile endeavor).

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