God, He Was Good

Philip HS

…and now is gone. One of the best around. An actor. No handsome. Not Athletic. But you believed what you saw on that screen.

Thank you, Philip.

God, you are good.


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79 responses to “God, He Was Good

  1. OMG – wasn’t he just! Every time he was on screen, even in the background, my eyes would drift to find him, even with Matt Damon or Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt up there with him, even as fine actors as they all are.

  2. Ferociously compellingly good at times. Pity addictions got the better..

  3. Basharr

    It is a sad loss to say the least He was so capable of delivering to us all compelling characters.

  4. I have never understood people who are rich but haven’t a clue how to be happy.

  5. May his soul rest in peace. And yes, he was an outstanding actor indeed.
    *María Paulina Mejía*

  6. Tameko Wood

    I don’t believe he overdosed. I think he was murdered and it was made to look like that he never ever looked like he was on Heroin!

  7. Just read more on him and it looks like he did a good job of hiding his addiction to the camera. I was totally sure it was murder. Looks like the police are doing a great job with it. Wow 70 packets is a lot of money. Sometimes you can’t show tough love to an addict they need you the most when you can’t stand them. He was left alone without a person to be accountable to and he went nuts.

  8. oneness11

    Philip Seymour Hoffman was more than good. He was a great actor! There isn’t a movie he made that I didn’t love just because of his great gift, as well as skills as an actor. It is sad for those of us who truly appreciate his greatness that he is no longer with us — but his movies will surely live on. Who knows the real story behind his death? I never trust the media and what they report because things are often not as they appear. I’m not implying any conspiracy theory here, but just making a point to say that no one really knows the truth about his death. Many famous people who were very intelligent and who made a big impact in this world were sadly taken out before their time. Who knows if Philip was really “using”… and even if he did do so a little bit “recreational”, I am certain that his death was not on purpose, but that more than likely the quality of the illegal drug market is not up to standards, and that even those who ‘use’ just a ‘little’ would be careful enough not to overdo it; however, if the quality of the drug is compromised, then even a “little” can turn into a drastic measure beyond one’s intention. Who are any of us to judge another, when there are so many users who are not “low life’s”, but whom are among the supposed very wealthy people in the world who would use recreational drugs, but only the best for them! They would not care about the quality of the drugs which the corporate elite control and therefore, there is reason to believe that they would intentionally make certain that the drugs used illegally (even though they use them too) were not up to par for the rest of the “junkies” that they would never call themselves for using! At any rate, I don’t judge Philip at all. His life was taken too soon, and anything can also be made to appear a certain way, as it has been done before with many famous actors and actresses whose deaths were not suicidal at all, but made to appear so. I will surely miss Philip, and the world will miss him too. There are very few actors who are truly great at what they do. Philip was one of a kind. He will surely be missed. We love you, Philip. You’ve made a difference in this world and created light in a world of darkness.

  9. Incredible actor and incredible talent. Such a senseless loss.

  10. boobooda7

    Good Morning Al Lupo and thanks for following my blog. Your topics interest me and I thought I would add that in death charts, you can see “crimes against humanity” clearly depicted in astrological charts for such people as Nazi war criminals. All of our deeds are truly recorded…and by this, hopefully we learn as individuals, as a society and as world beings. Peace and Blessings, Soul Passages Astrology

  11. Thanks for visiting and following my blog, it’s good to be in contact with yours. Yes, this guy was a great loss, addiction is a terrible problem but I always have a question in relation to this – was his being drawn to addiction part of his ability to be such a great actor? For example, I don’t like Picasso’s art, I find it cruel, even though i admit it’s great art, but perhaps it was his cruelty which made his the great artist he was. We are such complex individuals – who can say for sure that if you separate out and eliminate one aspect, you wouldn’t reduce someone to a lesser creative being than they were meant to be. Hope this makes sense.

    • You are touching something important and unique for many artists: their demons.
      Why do they exists?
      Thank you…

    • Makes sense to me and brings to mind the movie A Beautiful Mind wherein drugs allowed the scientist to function as a sane human but disallowed his genius. Not sure this adds to the thread of these comments, but seems another facet. Perhaps the out-of-kilter, off balance with the acceptable promotes genius? Just sayin’ …

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Did you notice my own post/ tribute to this great actor? Truly, truly among those who moved me the most. It aches to know he is gone. I am so grateful to have seen and loved his work while he was alive.

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  14. Hello! You’re right he was good. One of my favorites. So sad…

  15. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog at tamigilford.wordpress.com Writing for Peace 2014! Join me won’t you?
    In Peace;
    ~~Tami Gilford

  16. He really was. It was a sad day! Great picture for a great blog of few words!

  17. For a brief moment, the world press focused on Heroin, drug addiction. And then, life went on. Such a profound waste. A God given gift of talent. Oddly, circle of life – returns to God – the Creator.

  18. This sure generated a lot of comments! I’ll leave my 2-cents. Don’t know if you meant it, or a translation issue, but I appreciate the use of the present tense in your last sentence of the post: He IS good! meaning, to me, that he is still “around.” Maybe not here on earth where we can enjoy new creations from him, but he still IS. I believe this with all my heart. Thanks for posting and for following http://seezooeyrun.wordpress.com

  19. Yes he was a gifted actor
    Sad, very sad

  20. Great blog. He was brilliant. Very sad that he passed so young.

    • He was indeed a great artist. I agree with you…very sad.

      • He was good. However, he chose his path. We all do. Had he reached out for God or for help – he may still be here. WE all endure and survive, unless WE choose not to. He chose his path as did Heath Ledger. For good or bad. He is not a martyr, nor is he a saint. A human. His legacy is his brilliance left behind in film. He is a cautionary tale. His death over-rides and supercedes what he did with his life. And that is sad. We all have choice, and he chose poorly. I give credit to those who outlive and out-wit their personal demons. They live to tell.

  21. Anonymous

    Fitting tribute.

  22. It was a shock that so talented a person had disappeared before his time however, he will not be forgotten as his work speaks for itself.
    P.S. I like the eulogy that you wrote.

  23. He really was a versatile ace-actor.

  24. Ron

    Very sad and tragic. He will be missed. Thank you for following my blog. I am humbled.

  25. Passion breeds creativity. Sometimes infinite creativity desires more passion. Where do you go when you believe all your passion was given? The empty place needs to be filled-sometimes. Sometimes-being human we fall. Desperate to fuel our passions, so we may again create with fire in our bellies we may take from elsewhere. Sometimes – our hearts are just too tired to make passion on their own…

    • Who can tell what really is in the soul of any of us? Especially oh those gifted with geniality or great talent?

      • Let’s just pray, regardless of what dwells within our souls (hopefully infinite benevolence) we’re all headed to somewhere spectacular 🙂
        Love the beautiful wolf image by the way. When I get all my art up on my blog, there’s a wolf painting I did that reminds me of your fellow’s pose

  26. Anna C.

    Can’t agree more with this post. No matter how many times I see it, “Doubt” simply electrifies me.

  27. Oh yes he is eternally amazing! By the by, thank you for your acknowledgement of EccentricsSpeak; it is truly appreciated. Best, Rebecca

  28. I re-watched The Invention Of Lying the other day. I forgot that he had a small part as a bartender in movie. Maybe I was being sentimental because I know he’s passed away, but even those few moments in the film seemed priceless. His facial expressions alone made the scene so funny.

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