A Nuremberg trial for Catholic Bishops?

St Peter and Lightening

Today the United Nations Committee on the Right Of The Child released a report accusing the Vatican of covering up many decades of sexual abuse of children by priests.

The Treaty of Rome (July 17,1998) affirms that: ” Crimes against humanity are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings and that they are not isolated or sporadic events.”

What about the crimes of sexual nature against children committed by Catholic priests? In my opinion these crimes are not just horrible, aberrant acts committed by sick people but true crimes against humanity. Destroying the innocence of children should be considered a crime against humanity.

Some of the priests have paid for their crimes, but what about the Bishops who have covered up the of the sexual abuse?

Should not they as leaders pay a price?


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101 responses to “A Nuremberg trial for Catholic Bishops?

  1. You pose a most thought provoking question.

  2. CERTO! The Bishops who knew and who covered up are as guilty as the perpetrators.
    We have a Royal Commission going on here right now on this very topic – although it concerns all churches and religious bodies. It transpires that they have all been carrying on this disgusting activity over the years. Happily, this Commission was in place and underway before we got a new government, otherwise it would’ve been stopped; for our new Prime Minister is a Catholic, as are several of his cabinet.

  3. littleitaliandreams

    Absolutely. Il mio pro zio fu un vescovo in Vaticano molti anni fa. He could not continue to cover and condone what he saw going on, and ended up a homeless and jobless alcoholic, as he refused to carry out their dirty work. Even back then, in the 70’s and 80’s there were people who clearly knew it was wrong.

  4. I agree that the problem goes far wider and deeper than what the Church was willing to admit (when cornered, and usually kicking and screaming) about what it did wrong. They agree now that child sexual abuse was wrong, but they still withhold documents that detail information about more perpetrators and victims and that may being to light issues that they still prefer to leave covered. A true repenting soul is an open book, but the Church still puts its own agenda before the well-being of children and its followers. It is quite sad. Now they are trying to invalidate the committee as ‘not knowing what they are doing’ and to make it seem as if they (the Church) have done their dues to change the Church’s stance of protection of its clergy while sacrificing the kids. However, their actions show otherwise. Why are they withholding documents? Why are they not cooperating? To me, this is a sign of having things to hide that they perceive to be more important that the safety of children or the sanctity of the word-of-God to protect the vulnerable. It is indeed quite the saddening situation.

    • Thank you for your comment and your passion!
      Believe it or not, I am Catholic and I wish for my church to came out once and for all in a definitive and clean way. So that the goodness that a part of the Church does will not be forgotten.
      You are right: let’s not hide. what some did it is humanly unforgiving (for the Divine, I am not authorized to speak).
      Thank you!

      • Tried to comment and my comment went awol… (Divine intervention?;)). I agree that there are many in the Catholic church who are good and faithful people who would never harm a child. Many priests, too. The foul play of many (though probably not most and certainly not all) can be redeemed, but for that there needs to be transparency and repenting and truth. Not hiding behind Church power to pretend that all is well now. It is not. I believe that the Church can do well by its followers, if it made a decision to uphold the tenets of the faith for humility and repenting and if it opened itself humbly to repairing the harm done, rather than trying to still hide and minimize it. For the children who were hurt, there is much repair that needs to happen, and it begins with acknowledgement and true mending of ways. I don’t think that the Catholics themselves have sinned in this, as a congregation, but that those in power were blinded by their power and their need to protect their image at the expense of the vulnerable. That is what ought to be corrected, in my view. As for the Divine, we share the same God, ultimately, and all is possible!

      • My friend (allow me please to call you that), I agree with you!!

      • Sure! 🙂 I wish more people would see each other as friends rather than enemies. We are all on this earth together, and I believe are meant to be kind to each other, rather than hate or try to prove how or our religion (or country, or origin, or skin color, or political affiliation, or belief, or role, or position) make us better than another…
        Have a good one, friend! 🙂

      • …and please read me again!

  5. People should try to think for themselves instead of using another fallible human to speak to their God. It gives people too much power.

  6. This post is nothing less than real. I was born into a Catholic family and like all religions, the root of all problems. The priests have been abusing girls and boys in convents for centuries, there are many documentaries on the distasteful subject, they hide behind religion, but what about the ‘normal’ looking men single, married and some with children that do the same?” They are no better. When our society can accept that perversion holds many forms, starting with what some may think is normal and friendly, it is not. Maybe then, there will be a chance of a civilized world. God is everywhere, not only in a church. Thanks for a riveting topic 🙂 I have linked to your blog my related article “Perverted World’ http://dietrying999.wordpress.com/2014/01/30/perverted-world-when-older-men-goggle-at-young-girls-3/

    • Thank you for your contribution, I truly appreciate it.
      Also, what I am trying to say with the short post is that Bishops are even MORE responsible for this. I say this as a Catholic because I want to see my Church clean!

  7. Power, systems and human interaction. It gets more and more complicated; now we need a large systematic dismantling. Makes you wonder if we can ever go back to being simple disciples trying to embody simple ideas: love thy neighbor, respect life, be kind, share.

  8. Extremely well written and makes an excellent point.

  9. Horrible crimes such as these always remind me of Jesus’ warning in Matthew 18:4-6:
    “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”
    I am thankful that even those perpetrators who elude human judgment can never escape the eternal judgment of God.

  10. Qualche settimana fa, il mio proprio parroco e stato accusato di aver’ commesso con una minorenne “improper behavior” 40 anni fa. Di subito il parroco fu privo della facoltà di ministero pubblico e il vescovo ha cominciato un processo canonico contro di lui. Il parroco invece ha contestato l’accusa. Fu buon’ parroco. Non ci sono delle altre accuse. Ma fa pensare:
    1) Si può accusare la Chiesa di “no far niente” quando una accusa di un atto commesso 40 anni fa risulta cosi?
    2) Capisco che la Chiesa dev’essere rigorosa nella lotta contra l’abuso sessuale dei minori, ma si quest’uomo e’ innocente, si può chiamare il risultante processo “giustizia”?

    • You make a very interesting and fair point. For me the issue is not the Church at large. I am Catholic and I know how important is the work of the Church in many cases and for many people. To me the real issue is the responsibility of Bishops and Cardinals that have protected the guilty priests for a wrong and obtuse desire to “protect” the institution. If you are the leader you should not escape accountability.
      Thank you for your valuable opinion, I surely appreciate it!

  11. Wow! Interesting topic and interesting comments. I have a very dear friend who was repeatedly and over several years victimized in this way by a Priest. She was not the only one, as she witnessed. I would also add that the Nuns were quite aware of what transpired and were in fact accomplices. These acts against my friend undermined her belief system, her self-worth and her ability to trust. To this day she is a broken woman. Yet she is but one of this priest’s many victims. Yes, there must be change within the body of the church. Piety and godliness must go hand in hand.

    A shepherd can not care for his flock if in fact he is a wolf. The wolf can not change that he is a wolf and that he will eventually eat his flock.

  12. Here is my 2 cents, the Catholics are very rich and very sneaky and shady and I left that church long ago.

  13. Thanks for following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading yours.

  14. Since when the so called UN did something good.Millions of women and young girls are sold in the black marked,Human trafficking its at it’s peak.Child labor,honor killing , enslavement in The Gulf rich State,The blood shed in Iraq ,Syria,Egypt,East Europe,,Africa,The killing of Christians in the Middle East and burning thousands of Churches..multitude of aids victims are dying every minute.What the UN is doing??Nothing .These are the issues the Poverty ,the hunger the Wars ,the Terrorism which is threatening world peace,economy and future.What the UN is doing to fight these epidemics ????N O T H IN G.UN is Dead body was ans is.Jalal

  15. Anyone in the church or the judicial system who are guilty of child abuse, or guilty of hiding it, should be jailed with the perpetrators. I find them to be as bad as the abuser. Keep up the good work!

  16. Reblogged this on childfuckers and commented:
    A very good question. I agree those who coverup these crimes are as guilty as the perpetrator, in my opinion.

  17. It seems to me the Church has created an Idol of itself.

  18. Hi I came across a reference to “Late Hate” in my father’s letters from 1947 in regards to Catholicism. Do you have any idea what that is? LMK Jen

  19. Anonymous

    They didn’t do anything so what your telling me is your punishing them for somebody elses crime….for some reason we keep forgetting that priests are human too, they can make mistakes just like we can…isn’t that enough why do we have to keep bringing this up? Why do we have to keep beating this dead horse up…why can’t we just turn this rock over and go on? I know Christ is ashamed by theses priests but they will always be priest so why can’t we just leave them be priest and let them be happy, eventually get what is coming to them when they get to Heaven. So why are we judging them r its up to our creator to judge. So why are you judging other people when it’s up to God. I know I repeated myself there but it’s really important that’s something you need to focus on. Sometimes we need to focus on our own faults before we suggest something on somebody else. We shouldn’t even think about something on somebody else and we shouldn’t judge other people for what they are, we should leave that up to God. That’s the problem with all of us today we pass judgement…yes we’re all allowed to opinions but should we voice tgem? Yes and no..we should only voice them when it is actually going to hurt somebody else. Otherwise we should keep our comments to ourself…yes I know that’s hard to do but that’s how we
    Become prophet’s and that is one of our girls other than getting right up there to Jesus Christ! just by observation I don’t think your going to get very high in Heaven. Because you are passing judgement on one of horse highest people..the priest. Yes I know they done something wrong, but what about the word forgiveness? Sorry you caught me on my soapbox! You got me where I’m really passionate about as you can tell….Jon

    • I appreciate your passion, I really do. I am Catholic and I do suffer for this situation. However the cases keep coming up. I feel that the real responsible have not responded to the justice of men. They didn’t give to Caesar what belongs to him.
      My was just a provocation. I know that it will never happen, but we need to keep our guard high and strong. Don’t you think?
      Thank you!

    • 42 “As for whoever causes these little ones who believe in me to trip and fall into sin, it would be better for them to have a huge stone hung around their necks and to be thrown into the lake.

      Hi Anonymous, I believe many do not seek vengenance against the priests involved but justice – as the bible says vengenance is mine says The Lord. However, as followers of Christ we have the responsibility of doing what is just and right “for the least of these”. I think the passage quoting Jesus above makes His viewpoint on intentionally leading children into sin sexual or otherwise very self evident. Protecting children from sexual offenders differs little from protecting children from child traffickers.

      You are right in that it is not our place to judge, ultimate judgement will come for us all. Also we are people of forgiveness and second chances. However, there is giving and receiving of forgiveness. To receive forgiveness a person must first acknowledge sin and return to God’s way’s. Just as David after his affair with Bathsheba. However, even forgiven, one would be unfair to both the victims and the priest to ever allow the opportunity or temptation for them to be left alone with children again.

      I know the Catholic Church has been on the raw end of the deal when it comes to bad press about child abuse. It also exists in other churches, and sadly most abuse comes from families and friends. The church I belong to now has public notices whereby people are informed how to act if they are on the receiving end of such abuse by any clergy person in a position of power. We do no one a favour by ignoring or pretending a problem does not exist, there is more honour and integrity in openly admitting our faults and sins and dealing with them in the best way we are able.

      As for judging Priests, well actually all Christians are Priests or Saints according to the bible, and in the hierachy of Jesus a child, “for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” has the same and equal worth as a Priest. As for Bishops who have Priests under their accountablility and know what they have been doing and have failed to act upon it. If I knew my husband was abusing my daughter and I did nothing to prevent it I would have to say some culpability lies with me. “17 Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.
      << James 4:17"

      I do know it is hard as the media has and always will come down with more force and criticism of a topic when it involves the church and sometimes things can get out of control. However, admiting what has happened and taking action to prevent it in the future, takes more courage than glossing it over.

      As I mentioned in an earlier comment I do recommend the DVD documentary, "Gardening with Soul" which is produced in NZ. You can probably only order it only from here and it has yet to be released. But hearing this wise Catholic Nuns response to this particular issue is a breath of fresh air. Although a local documentary and entirely christian it has become a leading film in our mostly secular country. Its focus does not just cover sexual abuse but the primary focus is her life and calling as a Nun, it is real and it present a real view of the heart of many ordinary christians which rarely gets seen by the world at large.

  20. Hello! I had heard this in the news but don’t know about the facts of the situation (if Bishops have really covered up abuse). I had a friend at our church who was abused by a Catholic Priest at a boarding school and ended up in later years testifying against him in a court trial. I could not believe he still went to church, I thought my faith trials were challenging! To help encourage you there is a lovely documentary recently done here in NZ about a Catholic Nun and her comments on sexual abuse discovered within the church are wise and heart warming – she is 90 now and the gardener! It is called “Gardening with Soul” – not quite out on DVD but will be soon. P.S. Thanks for following my blog and keep up the good work.

    • Unfortunately Bishops for many decades have covered up these horrible crimes and helped the priests (and nuns like in Ireland). I am sorry for your friend, I do hope he is better now. Thank you also for your suggestion about the DVD.

      • Thanks gianfrancogrande (what a cool name). He is fine although still suffers from anxiety, but he willingly spreads the good news of the gospel of Jesus and lives a good life. Honestly the DVD is beautiful, however, she does refer to Rome and the Pope as being miles away from the reality of their convent life – ha, ha – that’s why they call NZ downunder….. all the best in your endeavours. The gates of hell will not prevail against the church and unity between denominations is increasing in the younger generation, dealing with the past is just a part of the platform for the hope of our future in unity as Christ’s body on earth.

      • I need to thank you for liking my name and for your beautiful Christian optimism!
        Thank you!

  21. Anonymous

    Your comments send a serious message to be heeded by all.
    Numbers 32:23-b:” ……ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out” seems to apply to anyone who purposely takes advantage of an innocent child. God regards children as precious. To defile them, is to reap the wrath of almighty God.

  22. It really is the only way for justice for victims, families, and clergy. Hugs, Barbara

  23. I agree that to cover up or even ignore evil is the same as joining hands in its accomplishment. It is standing idly by your brother’s blood.

  24. you are like me in a way cause you have very strong opinos

  25. You should really look into the History, rather than being swayed by the rampant Anti-Catholic Bigots in the “lamestream” Media. You may be surprised by what you find.

    • Ernesto, thank you for your opinion and for finding the time to answer to my post. I truly appreciate that.
      However I would like to share with you few things: I am Catholic, I am from Rome and I have studied in the Vatican Seminary for many years. Please know that I am not being sarcastic but just to clarify…

  26. I agree with you that this is a crime against humanity, and that, if they covered up and protected these priests, the leaders are equally responsible. I am Christian, but not Catholic, but I appreciate your POV especially because you are.

  27. I’m Catholic and I believe that if you did something wrong, then you have to own up to it and atone for it and ask forgiveness.

    On a side note, I had to look up “Nuremberg Trial” and I don’t think it’s necessary. However with the power of social media we have now, even if they try to keep a trial low-key, it will probably feel like a Nuremberg Trial also.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. Yours is cool. 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion. I appreciate that. However, Nuremberg trial was held not only to punish the guilty but also for making sure that crimes against humanity could be persecuted. There was not such a thing before. Some crimes are timeless. Holocaust, Hiroshima, Killing fields and yes, the systematic abuse of children. I feel that it is more than what social media can fix.

  28. Love the image. apropos! This issue is even more egregious because the perpetrators were in a position of trust and respect. This subject obviously triggers a lot of emotions and feelings. Gail

  29. Thank you for following my blog, and I very much agree with this post — What you are saying and taking a stake in humanity. I wrote a small poem about this:
    Address to the Vatican

    They almost floated Lord —
    the pederosis’ drown —
    and a clergy fell right in —
    even after christening —
    left Jesus, to be stoned —

  30. Very good question. And one that will asked by many in the days ahead. And thanks for following my blog-I’m honored! Peace!

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  33. Its wrong for Bishops to commit espicially sexual abuses on minor’s. This tarnish the image of the Church. Church leaders are people who must be trusted. I have enjoyed your article. And have as well posted in on my blog with your link. Keep up the good work.

  34. I agree. This issue goes deep and is nothing more than systematic corruption and arrogance from leaders who have the trust of a people and who should know better. No excuses.

  35. The church must be accountable for protecting and enabling child abusers, and instead of removing them when a problem comes to light, passing it along to molest yet another congregation of innocent children. Until they are actually held accountable, I don’t think anything will change.

  36. Argus

    Sadly too many people in positions of power milk it for all they can get.
    A sexually frustrated Catholic is no different from any other thug; and if the Holy Church is brought into disrepute the meal-tickets of a lot of people may be jeopardised. Temporarily …

    So of course human nature says to take the punt if you think you can get away with it—either as a base priest sodomising little boys, or as his bishop doing the CYA for all.

  37. Thank you for the follow, and for this piece. You write very forcefully. The truth must be spoken aloud.

  38. Definitely, and one for popes too.

  39. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    Definitely, and one for popes too.

  40. Very Necessary, I would say, And for Popes, and Priests!

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