Three Little Pigs (English translation of Che Fine Hanno Fatto I Tre Porcellini)


I realize this post may seem overdue or even obsolete. But considering that our particular moment in history tends to suffer historical amnesia, it seems appropriate to reexamine the story of the “Three Little Pigs”. Bear with me, ultimately this is a matter of bearing witness.

In my last post, I suggested that, as in Nuremberg in 1947 a special tribunal be set up to judge accused catholic bishops for their crimes against humanity (covering up the abuse of children by many priests -and some-nuns- over the years). Many of you approved of this idea -and for that I thank you.

But it doesn’t end here.

In this crazy world, there are war criminals that are out enjoying the perks of the high life, despite the fact that they are -at least in my opinion- stained with crimes against humanity. And yet they got away. They are free. Respected. Revered.

In this case I am referring to three dark souls who have used fear and deceit to lead the world astray. They have shaped a society that plays exclusively to their interest and is shackled to the power of the arms and oil industries.

These men have, under the pretext of protecting us, contributed to the death of hundreds of thousand of human beings -soldiers and civilians.

They triggered a downward spiral of the world economy that caused the biggest financial crisis of the last ninety years (more victims).

They violated international law, invading countries without any actual evidence.

They created illegal prisons where the “innocent until proven guilty” are tortured.

They willfully ignored the Third Geneva Convention and the War Crimes Act.

In 2004, in Rasul vs Bush, their own Supreme Court ruled against them: declaring that all prisoners have the right to fair trial.

So, as I did in the case of Catholic Bishops guilty of hiding the crimes of pedophile priests, I ask myself, “Is it not right to bring these men, whom I consider to be responsible for unjust war, violations of international rights and actual crimes against humanity, in front of a tribunal?

I am referring of course, to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

But let’s not forget that this band of three -or as I like to call them- “The Three Little Pigs”, rely on several wretched and willing accomplices -namely, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz and the ineffable John Yoo.

I am not crazy. I know very well that this will never happen. The Three Little Pigs will finish out their lives in peace, celebrated by their servile assistants, jesters and lackeys.


Ultimately, it’s a matter of bearing witness.



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46 responses to “Three Little Pigs (English translation of Che Fine Hanno Fatto I Tre Porcellini)

  1. Ma … abbiamo già veduto questo …

    • I know but many couldn’t read it because was in Italian, so I translated this particular post. Please, forgive me!
      I am about to post a new one in a day or so…

      • Oh! – I hadn’t realised !!!
        I do apologise, GianFranco – please forgive me.

      • Not at all my friend! stay tuned…

      • I like to call it ‘selective amnesia’, but historical amnesia also works just fine. The present may be kind to them, but history will butcher these criminals. But its always easier to look back on history and think, yes, humans were naive then and we are smarter now, we won’t, and we are not making the same mistakes and won’t do so again-when the fact of the matter is, that is never the case, and as long as there is a human race, there will always be a stupid majority ruled by a tyrannical minority, and a few dissidents who reject conformity and have realised the truth-something the rest of the world will only come to a few hundred years later-and are abused for it.

        And even then we can’t set too much hope on the veracity of future historians. As George Orwell said, ‘He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.’

        Thank you for translating it from Italian! I look forward to more posts in English, meanwhile I can just use google translate for your other posts. Thanks for the follow too 🙂 xx

      • Dear Friend, Thank you so much for your well thought and articulate answer. I completely agree with your analysis. However in this specific case, I have been saying this since the days of the Bush administration. But as I am sure you might recall everybody was blinded by propaganda and in US, by the desire of revenge, which if can be understood on a human level it should not be in a political setting, just think of how many wars we might have if governments all around the world would deicide to follow this road instead of diplomacy. With this simple post I am not (obviously) judging the past but simply pointing out, as in other cases, that justice should not only be a general concept but an applicable system for everybody. After all if there is not statute of limitation for 1 murder why should we forget the thousands?
        Please keep reading my posts and I will keep doing my best, of that you can be sure.

    • naturalmente….grazie per la sua pazienza!

  2. hocuspocus13

    and Obama’s drones, which have killed more people inclusive of innocent women and children and americans

    and then we have Benghazi, in which 4 Americans were killed and Obama’s Administration tried to cover up

    and while there is turmoil, Obama and Biden dance in the White House

  3. I call it “politricking”. If you think one is better than the other, guess what. You’ve been politricked. Politicians know the game and they play it well. Its only a few that can discern between politricks and truth. Why do you think so many people donate to charity. It’s not always because of a pure heart. “Charity covers a multitude of sin”

  4. Don’t forget the UK’s Tony Blair and Australia’s John Howard.

  5. I agree with you totally and as Crazy Crone says – we shouldn’t forget Tony Blair – although most of us Brits wish we could! I sometimes think I should stop banging on about him and the Iraq War but that man and his cronies succeeded in making the world the dangerous and distrustful place it is today – and the fact that TB was ‘rewarded’ with a peace role in the Middle East has to be the sickest joke ever!
    p.s. I’m very keen to improve my Italian and find that translating your posts – or trying to! – is good practice for me. Thanks for the English versions as well though.

  6. Reasons why your war-crime trial will never take place
    What is the controlling authority? What is the controlling system of law? Not the UN, they have no such authority, and little popular support in the world. It could be the US, except that it is not clear if U.S. law was ever violated. Politically, it would not be possible, since Bush retained a 40% approval rating until the end. (About the same as St. Obama has today.) Did his supporters just go away? I suppose it is technically possible for Obama to order an investigation, arrest the malefactors, and begin a trial, but I think he does not want America looking like Egypt. Besides, that brings us back to the question of which U.S. laws exactly were broken.
    Hey, I know what you could do: you could put together a collation of the willing who could invade the U.S., topple the government, apprehend the criminals and then force America to put on a show trial!
    Oh, wait… Nevermind.

  7. Thank you for the excellent translation – glad to know I understood your original post correctly! Unfortunately, there always have been and always will be such people in politics, and interestingly, very often functioning as triumvirates.

    • Thank you my friend (allow me please to call you that) for keep reading my blog. I truly appreciate that!
      And of course, yes you are right. But I feel it is important to talk about right and wrong and remind (first of all to ourself) that there snot too much difference between Cain and Abel….
      Have a wonderful week end…

  8. I disagree with the notion of the three “pigs” as war criminals. There is no precedent for how to deal with terrorist acts like 9/11 or fight a war such as has been waged since. The U.S. has been dragged into others’ conflicts throughout its relatively brief history. The wars should have been waged, but differently, there were definitely ways to achieve similar goals with much less blood. As for women and children being killed, the laws of war clearly state combatants should not station themselves near non-combatants.

    As much as America’s responses to 9/11 could have been smarter, that is generally too much to expect of any government, and have yet to hear an idea that would fight terrorists bloodlessly.

  9. I’ve always held that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld be tried for crimes against humanity. But mine was a voice of one – back when these evil men were in power. Incidentally, there are a few more in that Bush Admin who deserved to be tried as well.

  10. glassesof8

    The more I hear about George W. Bush, the more I don’t like him. How was he ever voted for president? Also, thanks for being my first subscriber!

  11. Hi, my name is Jessica Klein. I say this because I pride myself on knowing a real person from a plastic face. I never once respected the three little pigs, nor do I revere anything they created. We are in a shitload of trouble. Rome did not fall in a day, but I think America can, and will.

  12. What about Halliburton?

  13. Re : bearing witness : not to underestimate the importance of keeping people remembering : did you hear about this man who ‘arrested’ Tony Blair for war crimes?
    The actions of one Shoreditch Barman put the war crimes back in the news : One day, may he be arrested for real….

    • Thank you so much for the link. It was indeed great! Of course I don’t expect these people ever to end up in a jail, however I do feel it is important we keep talking about it. They made the world a worst place.

  14. I could not agree more and think the three little pigs should face the International Court in the Hague, but as you point out not a chance. In addition to our three little ones, there are many bankers and financiers who should also face prison, but alas…

  15. As an American I think, “Only three?” But then, if you really got into it, it would turn into a novel. Thanks for the post!

  16. Only three little pigs? Where’s Tony Blair?

  17. I’ve always thought of George W. Bush as a war criminal.Thank you for pointing out that Rumsfeld fits very comfortably into this category. I think of Cheney as a gluttonous, greedy pig, and yes, his connection to Halliburton has contributed significantly to human suffering while he stood in the shadows and rubber-stamped Bush’s policies.The Three Little Pigs may not pay for their actions in this lifetime, but they will certainly pay somewhere down the line.These guys should face the humiliation and disgrace of a public tribunal, however, as you say, “it won’t happen.” But life will convict them.

  18. The article I read is great. I agree on your view. Excellent post! 🙂

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