The True Children of a Lesser God


Child in Syria

We are not talking about it. It’s a shadow. Just far and away. We are not talking about it.

We are not talking about the children of Syria.

In February a report was presented to the U.N. Security Council that verifies the terror suffered by Syria’s children during three years of an insane conflict. But they don’t care. No action.

Children have been sexually abused. Raped. Executed. Children have been used as human shield. Their relatives have been tortured before them.

More than 10,000 have been killed. We are silent. They don’t exist. The children of Syria are far and away. Shadows and ashes that we ignore.

They are the true children of a lesser God.


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143 responses to “The True Children of a Lesser God

  1. Things are really terrible n in sorry state of affairs. This is happening in many parts of the world today n despite global leaders, so called, being aware of such horrendous evils are mere silent spectators.

  2. And the beat goes on,,,,,,,,,, and on

  3. Wow. To paraphrase Jacques Ellul on torture in Algeria, circa 1960, “if they really cared, they would have done something about it, their inaction is evidence of their acquiescence.” Consent through passivity? Interesting question.

  4. Thanks for following my blog. I am so glad to have you amongst us. I too have already started following you.

  5. Vested interests or not, world leaders or not, those who ARE in a position to protest, condemn, and whose voice the World WILL listen to, ie, the religious leaders, keep Silent, mouth some Useless things once in a while, and go back to their luxuries. And God gets a Bad Name.

  6. Thanks for following my blog. Yours looks fascinating. I look forward to reading the parts that are in English. Alas, I do not read Italian. 😦

  7. Abby

    True children of a lesser God is true. But I think it’s better to call it true charges of a lesser human. The mistakes of man have dwarfed those of the mythical creature called god. I think we’re Good and Evil and God’s virtue is no longer relevant in a world without a conscience.

  8. reasonablyliberal1

    Thank you for mentioning the U.N. instead of the U.S. The U.S. cannot fix everything and it usually gets into trouble when it tries to.

  9. Yes gianfrancogrande it is True, when people seek after pagan gods they do indeed have a lesser god and in doing this, they build a wall that blocks out the one True God, I don’t talk from a book but from experience (see link below)

    Childhood –

    I care for Children in an Orphanage both in Zambia and Nepal and know sadly what these Children have suffered but they now have Hope.

    Some of the Children of Zambia have been found in garbage bins or dying of Aids on the Streets.

    Nepal woman have the highest number of suicides in the world, they are often sold or stolen to be used for prostitution when they are very young but when older they are left to die on the streets, sometimes pregnant.

    Children who are not able to understand good from evil are under grace and will all be saved, our God is very Loving and compassionate, He grieves to see us suffer, many others all over the world have been or will be given the opportunity to know His Love and mercy, just as I was, still it is their choice, He does not want puppets, we all have free will but He knows those who are His and not one will be lost.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  10. Yes gianfrancogrande it is True, Mankind can be very evil and self-centered not caring or considering the harm they do, is there hope for them, only in their True heart repentance, showing they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

  11. Mus

    I have discovered your blog today. You are doing a great work exposing all these facts. Sad but they have to be known.

    Keep up the good work!

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