Decalogue For a Reader

  1. You have the right to read                               oldbooks
  2. You have the right to read whatever you want
  3. You have the right to stop reading a bad book
  4. You have the right to stop reading a good book
  5. You have the right not to like a famous book
  6. You have the right not to like any book
  7. You have the right to reread the same book
  8. You have the right to be bored by Moby-Dick
  9. You have the right to not understand a book
  10. You have the right to read sitting on the toilet


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90 responses to “Decalogue For a Reader

  1. Reblogged this on Edge of the Forest and commented:
    My thoughts exactly.

  2. You have the right to read what you have written , after it gets published as a book 🙂
    You have a right to sell your book at ebay and wait for money to come your way 🙂
    You have a right to evaluate and criticize all those who bought your book and want a refund 🙂

  3. I like this as I love reading! And yes sometimes the books that you “must” read are boring and I do have my favorites I read again every now and again when the mood strikes.

  4. You have read my mind. The same I would say, also. 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Snazzy Books and commented:
    This is pretty much gospel!

  6. good rules…similar to Daniel Pennac’s rules:

    1. The right to not read

    2. The right to skip pages

    3. The right to not finish

    4. The right to reread

    5. The right to read anything

    6. The right to escapism (Bovaryisme)

    7. The right to read anywhere

    8. The right to browse

    9. The right to read out loud

    10. The right to not defend your tastes

  7. M-R

    Ehi Gianfranco ! What a great list decalogue ! I could never get into Moby Dick. [grin]

  8. Tremendamente vero. Dopo una vita di letture disciplinate , In cui non ho mai lasciato a meta’ un libro e ho trangugiato ogni sorta di autore , ora mi permetto di tutto e il tuo decalogo sembra rispecchiare i miei comportamenti attuali , capricci compresi ( sempre in tema lettura …).
    Per dirti che condivido in pieno.
    Ciao, grazie!

  9. equinoxio21

    Couldn’t agree more. On all point. I did feel a duty, until some years ago to finish a book no matter how bad. Now I just drop a bad book. Not enough time.
    Buon finale di settimana

  10. marrawrites

    Reblogged this on Spheres can have edges.

  11. Your post made me smile. May I add an addendum though? You don’t have the right not to read a book if it is assigned in a class which you are taking for college credit.(Can you tell I am a professor?) 🙂

  12. Reblogged this on Top of JC's Mind and commented:
    I appreciated this post. I was particularly amused by number eight.

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  14. I feel relieved I can stop reading a good book!

    I feel guilty for not finishing a book.

  15. equinoxio21

    Soo sorry. about Philistines. Of course not! (getting tangled in my own… meanders…) Saint Somerset Maugham! Help! Aiuto! Au secours!

  16. equinoxio21

    11. You have the right to remain silent… anything…
    (Why don’t I just shut up?)
    Buona notte…

  17. amykaywb

    I feel this way about movies as well.

  18. I didn’t read all the comments but I would like to offer an alternative to the snark about Moby Dick (Melville is surprisingly entertaining so don’t just stop at Moby Dick which is tedious unless you are a whale):

    “You have the right to be bored and totally unimpressed by Harry Potter” and the corollary, “You have the right to find Stephen King insipid.”

    One thing about rights, however, is that they are not by definition admirable; I have the right to pick my nose in public and taste anything I find therein, but does it make me a better person?

  19. Azadeh

    Reblogged this on AZADEH and commented:
    I like these rules about no rules.

  20. thank you for following! i have to admit loving those long involved 19c. novels-portrait of a lady is one of my all-time favorites- also all the victorians and the russians- i draw the line at joyce’s novels though i love his short stories- and moby dick… well, maybe in my next life… 🙂

  21. God/Fate/the universe/whatever bless you, for Number 8… the *only* book we read in highschool, that I didn’t like.


  22. Thanks so much for the follow. I’m enjoying your blog and follow back, Love the decalogue 🙂 Happy writing!

  23. Thank you for following my blog. I enjoyed reading your Decalogue for a reader and I will be following you. god bless you.

  24. taigaguterres

    Reblogged this on Taiga Guterres.

  25. madeupagin

    This is wonderful! As my goal is to be a librarian one day, I so totally agree with this. I was bored to tears by Moby Dick. I didn’t like Tom Jones. Oh, so many books that I “had” to read because they are “considered” literature. Well, my tastes differ a lot from the rest of the world. I did, however, begin to understand The Federalist Papers, and I’m glad I slugged through them time and again.

    • What a wonderful aspiration! Of course my intention was not to attack Moby Dick, but simply to use it a s a metaphor! Being different is great!

      • madeupagin

        Oh, I knew that about Moby Dick. I was agreeing with you. So much of what is literature today is only literature today because it was literature when it was published. I am the most different person you can imagine! I’m 56 and in college for the first time. I had been a paralegal for 30+ years (before there were so many in the field, even) and finally have decided I want to be a librarian because I don’t have to be a grown up to do it. That is so freeing! A good librarian can make such a difference in a child’s/adult’s life. That’s what I want to do!

  26. Ha..ha..!! I didn’t know I am this righteous! 😀

  27. Couldn’t agree more, particularly with the right to not like a book or not have to finish one. For years I would toil over books until the end even if I hated them – no more!

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