About Peace

For the Israeli and the Palestinians.Image


Especially today.


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  2. Partecipo con tutto il cuore.

  3. Yes, I would agree with that. Hate takes so e working at, which is why we can be sure that the stirrer if all human conflict is the devil?

  4. This is so true. Well said. 🙂

  5. Actually Nelson M. kind of borrowed those words from a song from South Pacific written by Oscar Hammerstein in the 1940’s. I grew up in that era and I not only feared black people because my parents taught it, I feared them because they were different and unknown. When i got out into the world and became a believer in Christ, I realized how wrong it was.

    The message of the whole story is racism is not only wrong, it’s stupid. Here are Oscar’s lyrics. :

    To hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught
    From year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed
    In your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
    Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
    And people whose skin is a different shade,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
    Before you are six or seven or eight,
    To hate all the people your relatives hate,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught!

  6. I am lucky enough to be living in Australia and teaching many refugees and students with war trauma. It is so true that you have to be taught. At my school there are 78 nationalities and we regularly get comments about how caring and supportive these young people are. There is rarely any racism as they are all together as one. They are an wonderful example of what it means to work together in peace.

  7. It’s a shame, but individuals can get so caught up in our differences that ideologues with dangerous agendas can easily manipulate us to an unnatural base perspective of hatred. It’s always wonderful when people choose to be their true selves – to love and unite, as Nelson Mandela did and promoted.

    My Italian is a bit rusty, but just wanted to say Grazie per la ispirazione.

  8. AP

    Thank you for this! I will be reading you. A:)ex

  9. I really appreciate this post because he was a man who knew the importance of love! Thank you so much for posts such as these! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I will be adding yours to my WP Links page and if you happen by there you will see I have a lot, but I will be back to read more posts, as I usually take a day or two so I can do just reading and commenting.
    God bless you greatly as you try to teach us with your posts the importance of love!

  10. Please think about sending this wonderful post in to artists4peace. Blog address: http://artists4peace.wordpress.com/ send this submission to: artists4peaceproject@gmail.com Check it out:)

  11. Indeed..couldnt agree more

  12. I have enjoyed my visit here very much and I will be back again soon. I would like to thank you for following my blog. I am very honored that one whose grasp of truth is so profound give attention to my work. Thank you very much and know that we are brothers for a higher cause.

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