Why Don’t We Give a Shit?

When we will stop being silent?



Why Don’t we Give a Shit?


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12 responses to “Why Don’t We Give a Shit?

  1. You can add Australia’s refugee ‘crisis’ to this. A great national shame.

  2. Dear Attentiallupo,
    your blog is quite unique.. I would not dare to talk about uncomfortable stuff but you are amazing at it….
    I nominated and awarded you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award… Here’s the address.. https://itsmejlee.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/very-inspiring-blogger-award-thank-you/
    Thank you for posting amazing stuff and please continue to do so!!

  3. M-R

    We do. But it’s IMPOSSIBLE, Gianfranco. http://stvrsnbrgr.com/2014/07/13/the-beginning-of-wisdom/
    There are some of us who are better at putting their thoughts into words – like my friend Steve. See what you think …

  4. You surprise me. That is the most morally obtuse cartoon I’ve ever seen. It is one thing to criticize the polices of the state of Israel or decry the cycle of violence in the Middle East, it is utterly dishonest to pretend that Hamas does not use Gaza as a base from which to target Israeli civilians. We all know what would happen if the walls and blockades were to cease: more suicide bombers, more rocket attacks, more Jewish “price tag” terrorism, and eventually war to the extermination of one side or the other.
    Which is what the cartoonist really wants: a great big war, and a pile of dead Jews.

  5. Austin Starr

    I think some of us do give a shit. I do. The Israel/Christian Right Axis is like the last group that were known as the Axis Powers. But Israel owns the united states government so I don’t think anything’s gonna change. It’s all about money and the Palestinians don’t count for anything because they neither have nor control it.

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