Why Not?



Why Not?

Why Not Now?

Israel Palestine praying hands


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18 responses to “Why Not?

  1. Exactly. Why not make peace with each other? What is war good for anyway?

  2. moralshock

    There is plenty of land to go around, so much empty land..

  3. Hope ‘peace’ becomes one of the options.

  4. if only all humans have humanity…nevertheless couldnt agree more with this post…

  5. When will we as humans ever learn… 😦

  6. Israel is a small space where Christians and Jewish individuals want to reside and be left alone one could possibly say.

    It’s like out of 100 percent, Palestinian culture operates, own and lives in at least 75 percent of the land….. That tiny 25 percent which represents Israel, who willingly wants to live a different life and practice a different religion than Islam / Muslim has been an issue forever.

    Biblically, it’s like 2 brothers fighting one another.. Hagar who had a son named Ishmael and Sara who had a son name Issac. ..
    One was promised and one was forced… I’m praying for PEACE

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