Please STOP killing children (everywhere but especially in Gaza AND Syria).

Just STOP.



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26 responses to “STOP

  1. All life is sacred…children, old people, humans and non-humans, animals and plants.

  2. Yes. One side has to show they are more humane by just stopping. The other side has to be prevented from Taking unfair advantage. I agree JUST STOP!

  3. Indeed…let’s just stop killing.

  4. Killing children is the same as attempting to get rid of the future.
    God has a special predilection toward children

  5. Yes I try to send love to these dreadful and shocking places.

  6. M-R

    It does. Indubitably. War kills children. So how come mankind has been warring virtually non-stop throughout recorded history ?!


  8. There was a very sombre documentary about the children of Syria on BBC. Their lives are utterly destoryed by the war and there is nothing they can do about it. But worst of all, they are growing up learning to hate other people because of politics imposed on them. It’s tragic.

  9. I was just listening to an interview and subsequent discussion on the radio. The interview was a reporter interviewing a Hamas family and the son, all of six or seven, said that he wanted to grow up to be a suicide bomber. The parents smiled, congratulated him, clapped him on the back, hugged and kissed him……..

    Therein lies the problem over there, and possibly the reason why Israel doesn’t mind killing children; the children are simply the next suicide bombers.

  10. First, thank you for following my blog and letting me find you. I have a good friend who lives in Torino and I’m trying desperately to learn Italian before she comes to visit the US.

    Second, your words are clear and true. I continue to read about the war crimes in the Middle East and the innocent are always the ones who seem to suffer the most. The more I travel, the more I realize that all humans want basic financial security, happiness and love. When children are being killed and hatred wins above peace, I worry for the future of this planet. Thank you!!

  11. On another note, modern wars have been making kiddos into easy prey for prostitution.

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