Our Real Purpose

What part of this we don’t understand?

Dalai Lama


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40 responses to “Our Real Purpose

  1. gosh! Ho riso un po quando ho letto questo perche’ sembra cosi’ ovvio…o forse non per tutti. 😦 Comunque…..beautiful post. Buona domenica.

  2. Each day, I wake up and ask myself, what if this was your last day? What do you want to do? My answer is always that I want to help others. It’s something so simple. This is a great post. Grazie!

  3. Great read and thank you for the follow.

  4. KALKI

    “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

    Beautiful thoughts. All the best. =)

  5. so true!!!! our world would be a peaceful one if everyone on the planet could follow this beautifully simple rule!!!

  6. Amazing quote by an inspiring man.


  8. woodenhenk

    Facilitate always – good post H

  9. if only all humankind knows the word ‘Humanity’..Anyhow, Peace to all mankind..great post though 🙂

  10. Yes! Thanks for stopping by to like my blog. I share your passion for ahimsa, the Buddhist principle of non-harming. Suffering is unavoidable but inflicting intentional cruelty is avoidable and a major source of samsara, that continuous cycle of birth and death, ultimately delaying or preventing enlightenment.

  11. trotter387

    As many who know me will attest it is my belief that is the lamest approach – passive response to Hilter, Stalin and Papa Doc allowed them to commit atrocity after atrocity.
    Life has to be dynamic therefore in doing good to others we must adopt a active approach, DOING SOMETHING is always preferable to doing no harm.

  12. And if you can’t help others, maybe it’s because you need help, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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