A Simple Question


Just a simple question.



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30 responses to “A Simple Question

  1. I think that people should think about that question and do the right things.

  2. What am I doing for others? Not enough…I am ashamed to say.

  3. Say What News

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  4. Jan Joe

    I asked a professor of gender/race/privilege studies once what I could do in this world to help even a bit. At the time, her answer seemed very simple: Don’t follow the path of least resistance. Since then, I have found her words help me to help others. It was a good place to start.

  5. Liberty of Thinking

    Hi Gianfranco!
    I did gladly subscribe to the thought two decades earlier, and still believe in its core value.
    Nevertheless, having left half a century behind, I feel more and more being “expected” to always do for others, while never expecting to be done anything unto myself…
    Unfortunately, selflessness and altruism seem to have been hijacked by brokers of power, skimming the cream of charity onto themselves…
    After decades of doing for others, I’ve been left on my own, alone when need struck…
    The wounds are healing, but the scars hurt, still…

  6. I agree totally. The world these days is full of self help books and ‘law of attraction’ books but the simple message was given thousands of years ago. It is in giving that we receive.
    Great post!!!

  7. I am doing as much as I can.

  8. What ARE we doing? Truly! Try harder at what you are doing.

  9. First, thank you for following my blog. I hope you find some value in the work. Reverend King’s words and work have inspired me all my life, but it is imperative that we take care of ourselves, too. The more okay and powerful we feel, the more we can give. I believe in the operating principle: “Be generous with yourself; be generous with others.” The more love we give, the more it makes for all of us. Thanks for your work.

  10. You have such a great blog! Thank you for following mine!

  11. trotter387

    A simple act of kindness no matter how small is valuable to the person who receives it.
    The passive response is I do no harm but the real question for them is what good do you do?
    MLK challenged a generation – JL Imagined Peace – we can work to create it one act at a time, the cumulative impact is colossal.

  12. I was waiting to see my specialist at the hospital clinic today. This was something like a 2 hour wait so I had plenty of time to absorb the ambiance. Anyway, there was an older lady crocheting grannie squares which she sews into rugs which she donates to the Salvation Army. I was touched by this simple act of kindness..a small way of making a difference.

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