Francesca and Marco (My Children)

I want to hear the same question from my children…Francesca and Marco.Quotation-Eve-Merriam-giving-child-birth-mother-dream-war-Meetville-Quotes-79058

Can you help me?


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30 responses to “Francesca and Marco (My Children)

  1. flippyzipflop

    I LOVE this, and will, without any hesitation, help you!!
    Peace, love and happiness, ALWAYS!

    • Thank you Kate…please do…let’s ALL of us help each other!

      • flippyzipflop

        That was the whole purpose of my blog. There’s too much hatred and anger in the world, and it’s so unnecessary!! Help thy neighbor! Do good!! Set an example for future generations! If all we do is hate, our children are going to grow learning to do just the same. Babies are born with the instinct to love. Hate is a learned emotion. I don’t want to be that teacher. So, at night we pray for our friends AND enemies. For their happiness and love. The world would be such a better place if more people learned to do the same. ❤ Awesome post!!

      • I do agree with you. We need to do something, we do know what is right and wrong, so why we are choosing “wrong”?

      • flippyzipflop

        Education. People have to be educated. Anger stems from ignorance.

      • For sure. Education should be a pillar in the life of everyone…Thanks

  2. Reblogged this on The Happy Idiot – Saving Cents & Sanity and commented:
    I had to share this… It’s really lovely.

  3. That’s so lovely ❤

  4. May all beings be free; may all beings be at peace.

  5. Wonderful. or “What was poverty?” Or “What was terrorism?”

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for stopping by, so I got to know your work.
    Thank you for blogging. And here’s to a better world.

  7. The word has great power! Just speaking peace into the atmosphere helps. And now I’m also thinking peace. I realize I haven’t thought of the possibility of peace for a long, long time. During Vietnam I refused to wear a uniform because I believed Jesus taught peace. What little I knew of the Bible, I was sure taught not to take life. But we make concessions and adaptations.
    Now I know the bible a lot more, and I know God intends us to steward the earth, to bring His kingdom to all creatures. It’s a kingdom of peace. We are to enter into His peace, and infect the world with it.
    Keep up speaking peace into the world.

  8. Beautiful thought. For me I’d have to say some parent, some time (my grand kids already know).
    Thanks for your follow I dropped by to see your blog and very much liked it. I agree totally with all I’ve read so far and look forward to further browsing so will follow likewise (and re post this. It’s too good not to and I like to blow on embers to keep hope alive.)

  9. My 10 year old son wants to join the army. Not what I had in mind.

  10. viktoryarch

    A good question.

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