Considerations of a Tired Man


The world outside seems like a crazy merry-go-around.

Severed heads. Shattered countries. Helpless presidents. Girls are raped like it’s nothing – in India and Sudan it can seem like it’s endemic. And the world is silent.

Chaos. Do we even know what we are anymore?

Everyone’s yelling about something; we’ve learned to bark better than the dogs. And the dogs are abandoned like they are trash.

Suffering. Children are used as human shields; it’s happening now in Syria and not too long ago in Gaza.

The North hate the South. The South swears the North is a plague. The Whites kill the Blacks. The Blacks murder other Blacks -and sometimes Whites, too. Ninety percent of the world is starving. Elephants are nearly extinct and tigers are killed to make throw rugs.

Priests speak of God, but they turn their backs and leave the little nuns in Burundi to do the work that Christ has asked of us: to love one another.

And we’re all waiting for the iPhone 6.


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66 responses to “Considerations of a Tired Man

  1. I agree and thus this writing has sparked a ripple to awaken us to our madness.

  2. I agree and your post should open the eyes of the blind. Blessings, N 🙂

  3. Thank you for lifting up the children and the animals and the little nuns doing the work of Christ.

  4. You are not alone. Often it seems as if the whole world has plunged into chaos and everyone has forgotten who they are.

  5. Forte e incisivo il tuo post raccoglie in poche righe tutto l’obbrobrio che ci circonda. Credo tu abbia interpretato i sentimenti di molti e risvegliato quelli di tutti….
    Ti ringraziamo

  6. AJ

    Great job. Sad truths painted with exquisite words and imagery. If I can say it reads like a commercial or a photojournalist’s collage. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous

    Reblogged in Italiano

  8. Your words always touch me deeply. I should comment more often but find myself caught up too much in my own local politics (at the moment – whether Scotland should break away from the rest of the UK). Silly eh? We should all be working together to tackle global problems instead of creating new divisions. Does anyone in the wider world even care? Thanks for keeping a global perspective!

    • You are very kind indeed! And I truly appreciate your comment, so…Thank you!
      As I fully understand the desire of being free and independent I always fail to understand why we build walls (of any kind) and create more borders, crossroads,hurdle,obstacles. If we would abolish “passports” maybe we would have a more understanding of each other. But I am just a silly man.
      I hope to see you again…and soon!

  9. Thank you for following my new poetry blog! On its big sister blog, I often post about being kind to one another, sharing and giving light. If we could only freely give more light to each other instead of darkness, how wonderful it would be. I hope you will visit often and feel welcomed. I hope you will also visit me at It is sometimes a whimsical place. Again, thank you for following Aki no Koe.

  10. Agreed. And yet the solution seems too simple: value other people. We get caught up in ourselves, getting what we want, living mediocrity (getting an iPhone as you said). And when concern for something more important: a kid getting shot, privacy being invaded, an entire community in terror, we could care less.

    This post is very relevant to me, being a pop-culture enthusiast myself, seeing people get heart attacks over the casting choices of movies, or how a game lacks features in a recent installment, I just feel saddened that this is how people prioritize their emotions.

    Anyway, you have typed true words. Great post.

    • I do agree with you. I don’t like to demonize any type of approach to life (such as pop-culture or others). To me is also matter of responsibility and values. We don’t teach and we don’t model these moments enough.
      I loved your comment! Thank you and please let’s stay in touch…

      • Thanks, I enjoy reading insightful posts, and I try to contribute if I can.

        Let’s do stay in touch! I try to expand my circles of constructive discussion as much as possible.

  11. Beautiful words that are sadly so incredibly true. People need to wake up.

  12. The iPhone 6 is going to listen to everything you say. I heard the iPhone 4S recorded on Siri. I have an iPod 5, and most of the time I turn it off completely. It is just A distraction. To distract everyone from what’s going on the world, only a few people really know. It’s sad that people have to grow up in a world like this.

  13. I don’t own a smart phone, just a little flip phone. My partner has no cell phone at all. I am reading the Dammapada and wondering about Buddha nature – peace, doing no harm, love & joy – and I live in a culture that operates on Blender Brain (my term), a world of spinning distractions crashing into one another at a tremendous speed. As we think, so we live.

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  15. Your words, unfortunately, are very accurate in describing our world. Thank you for saying what has been in my mind for quite some time now. I think most of our problems come down to greed and selfishness. Until we start to practice the ancient commandment to “love our neighbor as ourselves” I fear nothing much will change. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse!

  16. Joy

    Ugh, how I wish this post were not so accurate. Thank you for writing, and for checking out my blog and the follow. I appreciate it.

  17. atrandom37

    You are on point, Gianfranco! The world continues to go mad and it seems like it gets worse as the days get on. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand the point of all this violence in the Middle East and using religion as a cover. I don’t understand these men attacking women and children. What do they get out of it? Are their lives better as a result? Oh I can go on and on about this as today’s world just burns me up!

  18. Hi! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please click on my link for the “rules” of this award. Thank you for blogging!

  19. Anonymous

    You bring it to the point!!! Excellent.

  20. Dan

    This reminds me of my own frustrated musings, and yet, isn’t there a great God of hope whose eyes roam the earth searching for tired men an women who sigh and cry over such things. He sees all, and one day will bring all suffering to an end and dry our tears. Great post! Hang in there.

  21. Yes, this world grows darker and meaner.

    Making me all the more grateful and protective of my relationship with the Lord. Knowing He loves me unconditionally. Will never forsake me. Has a wonderful plan for my life. These truths are the light that pierces the deepening darkness that is enveloping the world in which I live.

    Magnifying the beauty residing in people and the world if one is listening to His voice. I have chosen to listen to His voice and not the voice of man. Or in the words of Robert Frost.

    “I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.”

  22. equinoxio21

    Ciao Gianfranco. Sadly you are right. Don’t know what the cure is. Such a disease! And i’m not thinking Ebola.
    And yet, some places remain untouched. Been to Italy this summer (Milan, Bologna, Firenze, Sienna, Lecco) Practiced my scant Italian. Loved to hear the music of the language.

  23. quite true, much of the world has forgotten our heritage. Apocalyptic theology has blinded many Christians to the task of bringing light to the world. Lets hope we wake up soon!

  24. 1) Brutality and environmental destruction have been a constant in human history. It’s nothing new.
    2) I’m not like that. And overall most people are decent enough.
    3) Why can’t the people come together and demand an end to war and stupidity?
    4) When is that new I-phone coming out?

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    A Tired man, that is myself, finds Another Tired Man, the Author of this Wonderful Post.

  26. I loved your post. I thought it was a might harsh until I came to the last line. Waiting for the newest phone puts things in a whole new perspective!
    Thank you for following me and I am returning the favor.

  27. I am a sinner and that doesn’t change, so I can’t be holier than any other sinner. Better? No, and I apologize if you got that opinion. The Bible tells us that we can only get to heaven through Jesus. I have Jesus in my heart and he has saved me from my sins. My life is not perfect and I still make mistakes, but I will go to heaven. Jesus is the right and only way. I may not be right about a lot of things, but for salvation–I absolutely have no doubt. Although, I do think I’m smarter than some since I know there is a God who loves me. By asking Jesus into your heart, everyone else can be smart too.

  28. I appreciate your thought provoking insights here.

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