You Are My Sister


REYHANEH JABBARI, today you are my sister.

She was hanged by the Iranian regime for defending herself against who tried to rape her.

You are my sister, like all the women who have suffered because of men.


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17 responses to “You Are My Sister

  1. May Christ have mercy on us all.

  2. I coincidentally blogged about the same disgraceful act by the Iranian regime this evening.

  3. A great message against perpetration of rape. Better it was if the tragic story was elaborated in a desired measure. I have endorsed it on Facebook and Twitter.

  4. Iran sucks! (well and so does India- the most heinous gangrape ever is punished by just 14 year imprisonment)

  5. Thank you for helping us remember our sister’s courage.

  6. One among Many

    Just joining your blog and looking all over. Must make a statement on this subject. Which does near bring tears for such acts. My belief in near all travesties like this, you have to blame the culture. Which is true in many more cases than not. Men doing harm to women brings pain to us all.

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