9-10 November 1938. Kristallnacht (Vergessen Wir Nicht).


November 9-10, 1938.

Let’s not forget the pain and injustice. They do not age.



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13 responses to “9-10 November 1938. Kristallnacht (Vergessen Wir Nicht).

  1. Liberty of Thinking

    Thank you Sir, for your kind remembrance…
    Respectfully, Moshe

  2. Purtroppo la memoria storica umana è corta e si indebolisce già dopo una sola generazione. Giusto e doveroso tenere vivo il ricordo!

  3. Reblogged this on Writergurlny and commented:
    Never forget. Words easily turn to hate. Hate easily turns to murder.

  4. Thank you. There is some kindness and justice in the world.

  5. avian101

    Never forget!

  6. So many anniversaries to be celebrated on these dates – may we never forget.

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