I AM NIGERIAN (Not only Charlie)

Today  I am also Nigerian (Not only Charlie).


Boko-Haram left bodies scattered everywhere in villages around northern Nigeria, killing as many as 2,000 people.

I don’t know their names.

That’s why today I am also Nigerian.


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15 responses to “I AM NIGERIAN (Not only Charlie)

  1. I completely agree. Whenever there is a terrorist event in Europe or North America we never hear the end of it (quite understandably). However when people get killed on a daily basis in Africa or the middle east it only merits a few minutes on the news. This kind of attitude can only fuel the fire of terrorism. My heart bleeds for all victims of terrorism – not only the ones with white faces.

    • Your words are just perfect my friend! We seem to ignore that the real seed of terrorism is planted by our sense of superiority against people that simply are different from us and from our beliefs. It was long time ago Many have died since, but the lesson has not been yet learned.

  2. Grazie, for sharing this. I have also shared on FB. I have a dear friend in Nigeria and I am worried, and praying.

  3. Yes, its so true! We have a blind spot when it comes to the worth of some lives, both abroad and at home. In my country, Australia, you just cant help but get the feeling that Indigenous and Asylum seeker lives just dont matter.

  4. Reblogged this on catterel and commented:
    In my mind, I have written several thousand words about the terrorism last week. Then realised there was no point. This sums it all up.

  5. Sorry – I have only just seen this, but immediately reblogged it. Thank you.

  6. Check this article… it’s also an eye opener. And from another Nigerian like us.


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