I Am A Jew


Today (again) I am a Jew.

I was killed in Denmark and hundreds of my graves where desecrated in France.

Again and again I am a Jew.

Until when?


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14 responses to “I Am A Jew

  1. Ignorance seems to have no limits.

  2. Liberty of Thinking

    Probably until there’s nothing left of us.
    First we were slowly cremated out of Europe; when we finally went back to our ancestral land, unseen powers instigated our arab half-brethren to a hathred which spiraled out of control.
    Even our graves seem to be a burden…
    Thank you Gianfranco for your kind heart.

  3. Liberty of Thinking

    Reblogged this on Defiant Hopelessness and commented:
    Thank you Gianfranco, righteous Friend, for your solidarity with my people.
    May the memry of your goodness and kindness never fade…

  4. avian101

    Thank you for your voicing your discomfort. May G-d bless you and keep you protected at all times! Yo soy Judio!

  5. InSight

    And you are beautiful, and special. And I am praying for you. ❤

  6. Dont be hostile towards me, please. I am not a Jew. I am a Catholic. We pray for your brethren fervently. We, unlike many might think. Love you. May the Lord bless you.

    • Helen, thank you! But I am also a Catholic, as a matter of fact born and raised in Rome and educated at the Vatican. Yet we do not carry enough testimony of crimes committed against “others”. So, at times I am a Jew, others a Muslim, maybe a gipsy and so on…

      • Thank you Gian Franco. I did get a bit confused I was certain you were Catholic and then… Never mind. I perfectly understand what you mean!
        God Bless.

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