What Do You Think (2)? The Most Influential writers (according to me AND inspired by readers)


I. Homer

II. Virgil

III. Ovid

IV. Tu-Fu

V. Murasaki Shikibu

VI. Dante Alighieri

VII. Francesco Petrarca

VIII. Miguel De Cervantes

IX. William Shakespeare

X. John Milton

XI. Moliere

XII. Voltaire

XIII. Alexander Pushkin

XIV. Charles Dickens

XV. Johann Wolfgang Goethe

XVI. Jane Austen

XVII. Victor Hugo

XVIII. Feodor Dostoevsky

XIX. Herman Melville

XX. Gustave Flaubert

XXI. Charles Baudelaire

XXII. Leo Tolstoy

XXIII. Emily Dickinson

XXIV. Mark Twain

XXV. Emile Zola

XXVI. Henry James

XXVII. Arthur Conan Doyle

XXVIII. Anton Chekhov

XXIX. Thomas Mann

XXX. Franz Kafka

XXXI. Robert Musil

XXXII. Federico Garcia Lorca

XXXIII. Ernest Hemingway

XXXIV. Jorge Luis Borges

XXXV. Pablo Neruda

XXXVI. Gertrude Stein

XXXVII. Gabriel Garcia Marquez


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15 responses to “What Do You Think (2)? The Most Influential writers (according to me AND inspired by readers)

  1. I think that’s a very good list. 🙂

  2. Liberty of Thinking

    I would humbly suggest J. R. R. Tolkien, George Orwell, Eugene Ionesco just to name a few…:-)

  3. I would also suggest Joyce and Wilde to the list, however, it is a very good list. 🙂

  4. You should add Li Po to that list since you have Tu Fu. They are considered the two greatest Chinese poets and are often spoken of in the same breath, And Ezra Pound for the influence he had on some many of his contemporaries. Also William Faulkner. But you have a good list here.

  5. Yasmin

    These are all great! Most of my favorites on here. I also think Mary Shelley was pretty influential.

  6. I would add the following American writers Frank Norris for the The Pit, Theodore Dreiser for Sister Carrie and John Steinbeck for Grapes of Wrath

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