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The last Italian elections  have proven, yet again, the fundamental impossibility for Italy to be a normal country. A country where people find work, pay fair and just taxes, and is represented by honest and experienced people.

A country where the sky is blue, and the yellow sun shines kindly over children playing on green grass, while a festive little paper boat drifts toward the horizon on cheerful waves. A normal country. Where miracles are the exception and not the rule that everyone expects every day. A normal country, where the candidates are not suspect billionaires mixed up in hundreds of controversial court cases that range from corruption to child prostitution. Exactly as Silvio Berlusconi is.

A normal country where there should not be characters like Beppe Grillo, who shouts his empty and rabid outrage, playing the card of boorish populism to which Italians, unfortunately, have been accustomed for centuries.

In a civilized country, in fact, Berlusconi would have already been in prison for a long while. But instead, making use of his inordinate wealth, he’s not only free, but even running (again) to lead the country.

More Chaos.

Beppe Grillo shouts. He destroys, yet, to build is something else. One needs to have real ideas and proven experience. A sense of moderation and respect for others. But too often those who shout possess neither the sense of moderation nor respect for others.

Even though I’ve written this post in English, I am Italian and I would like only to be a citizen of a normal country, where the young find work, the people pay their taxes and there is respect for others. I see instead a bad actor, a fraud, an old man with his face lifted by the scalpels of plastic surgeons, with the audacity to want to lead my country.

There is chaos in Italy. And Italy is our country.




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