A Simple Report.


From the Human Rights Watch: ” … Waterboarding. Mock executions. Forced nudity. Shackling wrists and ankles in painful,stress positions. Locking someone for days in a confined, dark,coffin-like box. Threatening people, naked and hooded, with power drills, rape, and death. Exposing human beings to continuous loud music and light. Depriving them of sleep. Threatening to harm a person’s family...”

Why of the 6,000-page report compiled by the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence only 525-page were released?

A report that detailed the actions of CIA officials.

A report that took over 5 years and 40 Million to be completed. $40 Million of our money.



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17 responses to “A Simple Report.

  1. Oh, let Tubularsock list the ways ….. first, Americans don’t read. Can you make it a sit-com?

  2. The U.S. government only releases information that is politically expedient — and you’re right, Americans can’t read!!

  3. It is not a question of ‘Can’t’ read. The point is that Most people just Don’t read. And not just Americans. Can Anybody say these things are Not happening world-wide? More than Sad. It is Horrible.

  4. It’s doubtful the gov’t has even read the report. I highly doubt that there is anything useful in it. It was simply another way for them to waste money.

  5. equinoxio21

    $0 million dollars for 525 pages published? (The executive summary I imagine) that is $76,190 Dollars a page. I don’t think any living or dead author ever received that much money for each page he/she wrote.
    (Tutto bene GianFranco?)

  6. equinoxio21

    $40 million. Sorry. The 4 got drowned, hooded, humiliated, tortured away.

  7. Informo attenti al lupo che al seguente indirizzo :
    appare uno strano messaggio, che informa che il sito ATTENTI AL LUPO non esiste più da 27 giorni (dal 2 gennaio 2016). Non so come, ma alla fine l’ho ritrovato, visto che scrivo: è vero?

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